12 Killer Firefox Add-Ons and Plug-ins

If you’re a fan of Mozilla’s Firefox, be sure to check out these 12 amazing and useful add-ons and plug-ins. They can help you browse faster, download smarter, remember events, check the weather, keep in touch, and a whole lot more.

Fastest Fox
As the title suggests, Fastest Fox amps up your browsing abilities by speeding up repetitive tasks, such as page loading and downloads. A few nifty features of this add-on includes:

• Customizable search engine shortcuts.
• Query suggestions as you type.
• Hot key combos for quick loading of your favorite pages.
• Auto-loading of successive pages so you can scroll seamlessly forever, completely bypassing the Next button.
• Right click anywhere on the page for quick download of text and images.

Open Search Fox
Love to search your favorite website’s for specific search terms? Now there is a quick and easy way to do so. Download the OpenSearch plug-in, type in the search engine or site name, and confirm. Now your favorite sites will be in your Firefox search toolbar for quick access.

Reminder Fox
Never forget an appointment or important event again. Reminder Fox will make sure you’re on time and on task with its easy to use lists, alerts, and alarms built into your browser.

Grab Them All
Grab Them All is a screenshot capture tool that allows users to take multiple screenshots with minimal clicks. The add-on is an open-source program available for Windows and Linux systems.

Down Them All
Pause, resume, accelerate, and automate your downloads with the Down Them All add-on. The accelerator increases the download speed by up to 400%, and you can fully customize the criteria by which you download—download every link and/or image on the page with one simple click, or tailor the add-on to get only what you want.

Copy Plain Text
Get rid of HTML or other special formatting on a website and copy it as plain text only with this add-on. Super simple, but super great!

Faviconize Tab
Do work or browse with multiple tabs open? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out this plug-in. Multiple tabs can eat away your computer’s working memory. Faviconize Tab helps you get it back. It shrinks the full-sized window into a “Favicon.” To view the full size, simply right click and select the Faviconize Tab option.

Turn your RSS feeds into a magazine type interface with Feedly. Feedly will automatically import your Live Bookmarks, Google Reader Feeds, Twitter followers, and more, and combine them into one beautifully organized and reader friendly page. With Feedly, you can:

• Save the article for later reading.
• Recommend an article or clipping to friends.
• Email articles.
• Copy the article’s link to your clipboard.
• Annotate text.
• Organize your feeds.
• Integrate with YouTube, Amazon, as well as those listed above.

Forecast Fox
Stay up to date on all the weather in your area, or far, far beyond, with Forecast Fox. This plug-in brings AccuWeather right to your Firefox web browser, toolbar, or statusbar. Search via zip code, town, or even international city. Forecast Fox can be customized to display what you want, and how you want it.

Adsense Notifier
Want to keep close tabs on your Adsense earnings? With this add-on, you can see up to date earnings right on your statusbar. Users have reported problems with using the program with certain languages, including Arabic, French, Finnish, and Russian. Developers are working on a solution.

Yoono is the #1 download for social networking tools on Firefox. It allows you to stay connected with all of your social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, AIM, MSN, and many more, from one place. Receive all of your messages, notices, updates, etc. and share all from Yoono, without having to log into each site separately.

CLIP: Craigslist Image Prefetcher
This add-on automatically pulls images from Craigslist posts and displays them on a single page of your search results. No more reading text and clicking on each add to view photos. With this add-on, you can see what you getting right away, and compare products side by side. Shopping Craigs has never been easier!