5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent Online

1. Designer Bags with Nintendo DS - Renting designer goods on the internet isn’t a novel concept, but Nintendo upped the designer purse rental game when they introduced their popular DS to the equation. In December 2008, Nintendo partnered up with From Bags to Riches to offer a color coordinated Nintendo DS for 30-days. Sweet!

2. Paparazzi – What fun is carrying around a designer hand bag and matching Nintendo DS if there is no one around to fawn over you? Luckily, with an internet connection and ~$2500, you can get the MegaStar treatment from Celeb 4 a Day including 6 personal paparazzi, 1 body gaurd, 1 publicist, a limousine and 2 hours of the celeb experience.

Rent-A-Grandma3. Rims – But wait! Why settle for some crappy peasant’s limo when you could be riding in style with a set of chrome rims? EZ Rims 4 Rent allows customers to rent rims before buying them.

4. Grandma – Once you’ve partied your life into complete chaos Charlie Sheen style, you’re going to need someone to help you put yourself back together again. Thankfully, there’s Rent-A-Grandma – your one stop online shop for Meemaws, Grandmammies, and Babushkas. She’ll bake you cookies, stroke your hair, and make sure your custom hashtag trends. #recoveringcelebrity4aday

5. Private Island – Once you’ve made a full recovery (thanks, Rent-A-Grandma!), it’s time to start thinking about retirement. You’ve experienced the celebrities life, and now you just want some “me time”.¬†While less enlightened chumps are scanning Craigslist for rooms in tiny city houses, you’ll be on Private Islands Online’s ‘Rent an Island’ page checking out a modest 2 acre spot in Sri Lanka.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever rented online? What do you wish you could rent online? Let us know in the comments.