7 Coolest Useful Things from Around the World

At Useful Things, we’re always on the lookout for innovative gadgets for the home and on the go. The Internet has opened up a global marketplace, exposing us from gadgets from Helsinki to Seoul. Here is a list of our favorite useful things from around the world.

  1. Deglon’s “Meeting” Knife Set -
    Meeting knife setFrench knife company Deglon collaborated with Belgian designer Mia Schmallenbach to create this elegant, functional knife set. The set includes a paring knife, carving knife, chef’s knife, and filleting knife that – when not in use – can be stored by nesting together flatly on the stainless steel cutting block.
  2. Magic Bulb’s Rechargeable LED Lightbulb -
    In an enormous country like China, even seemingly insignificant personal efforts to use less energy can have a positive impact on the environment. With this concept in mind, Chinese company Magic Bulb invented a light globe that combines battery power and LED light. The bulb uses only 4 watts of energy and, in the case of a power outage, the can be taken out and used as a flashlight.
  3. Giha Woo’s “Constrained Ball” -
    Giha Woo's Constrained Ball imagePages of text with unevenly underlined passages are enough to trigger mild OCD in even the most relaxed reader. Korean designer Giha Woo has created a small device that attaches to the user’s pen or pencil and rolls in a straight line down the page. In an alternative design, Woo adds a display to the pen holder allowing the user to see the length of the line they draw.
  4. L&M Designs’ “Flipsters” -
    Flipsters are flip-flops that easily fold to fit in your pocket or bag. While the Australian company L&M Designs targets high-heel clad partygoers as their primary Flipsters client, it’s easy to imagine how this product could soothe the sore feet of any jet setter.
  5. Thanko’s DSLR camera case -
    Any photographer worth their salt understands the frustration of losing a great shot to crap weather. This plastic DSLR camera case by Japanese company Thanko snaps and seals around a camera, allowing photographers to shoot without having to worry about the effects of rain or dust.
  6. Matt Brown’s “Recession Spoon” -
    Recession SpoonMatt Brown’s device is composed of two interlocking pieces meant to hold chilies or garlic in the bowl of the spoon, making whatever the user is eating more flavorful. Matt Brown, student of the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden, called his gadget the recession spoon because if “you’re really broke, and I tried this, you can just eat hot water with it.” Yum!
  7. Art. Lebedev’s “Vector” desk organizer-
    Keep your desk organized and stay motivated at work. Designers at the Russian Art. Lebedev studio think differently. Their vector desk organizer can be flipped right-side up, showing a positive, green growth trend, or turned over creating a red, plummeting decline.

What are some of your favorite international gadgets? Let us know in the comments.