Pizza Boss & the 10 BEST Pizza Gifs

Can you imagine a world without pizza? I can. Just the thought of it chills me to the core. Even the idea of a world without crispy crusts (stuffed, if you’re lucky), savory-sweet tomato sauce, and ooey-gooey cheese overwhelms me with despair.

Thankfully, we live in a world where pizza is not only easy-to-find but – if you’re American – now also counts as one of your daily servings of vegetables. God bless the USA, and her love for pizza pies.

Coffee snobs have optimized the process of making the rich, delicious beverage from the time the bean is plucked to the moment it touches your lips, why shouldn’t pizza be the same way? The people at Fred & Friends think it should be. They’ve developed the Pizza Boss: a circular saw pizza cutter that ensures you’ll look like a boss while you’re divvying up the pie for all your friends or just for you – not judging.

The Pizza Boss pizza cutter is made out of tough-as-nails industrial grade plastic, meaning your pizza saw can handle the usage stress of an avid pizza eater. The circular saw Pizza Boss from Fred & Friends has a laser etched stainless steel blade that will cut through even the toughest pizzas like butter. Thin crust? A cinch! 2 toppings? No problem! 20 toppings? You should probably go see a doctor after eating it, but you won’t have any problems slicing it up. When you’re done eating all that pizza, simply remove the shield for easy clean up and sink into that sweet, sweet food coma. Mmmm.

Not hungry for pizza right now? You will be. Check out 10 of our favorite pizza gifs from Senor Gif, Pizza Gifs and Gif Soup after the cut.

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The Solution For Tear-Free Onion Chopping: Onion Goggles

What do you get the person who has everything… and loves to cook?

If they already have herb scissorsherb savor, and pizza cutter, there’s only one logical next step: onion goggles.

Legend has it that whenever first US President George Washington began to feel under the weather, he’d tuck in to an onion (cooked, of course). Aside from the cold-annihilating vitamin C, onions also contain vitamins B1 and B6, and aid in lowering bad cholesterol and minimize blood clots.

But for all of their nutritional benefits, making onions can be quite unpleasant, especially on sensitive eyes. Onions grow underground, like garlic, chives, and leeks. As they grow, they absorb sulfur from the dirt, resulting in tear-inducing amino acid sulfoxides.

With our onion cutting glasses, you won’t ever have to worry about stinging eyes or awkward kitchen crying again. The onion glasses frames are lined with a comfortable foam seal so that no nasty onion vapors eek through.

The onion chopping goggles come in the sleek style shown in the pictures. The onion goggle is unisex and fits most face shapes, but does not fit over glasses. Only mildly near-sighted? You’re probably okay. But if you’re blind as a bat without your specs’, please don’t take the chance. Fingers don’t secrete amino acid sulfoxides, but they hurt like heck when you cut them.

So if you’re one of those folks who can’t get near an onion without tearing up, stop chewing gum while you chop or trying to mince your onion under water. Strap on a pair of onion cutting goggles and make like an Iron Chef.

Are you the satisfied with your onion goggle purchase? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to TLC Cooking on How Stuff Works for all the helpful onion info.

Clean and Odorless Composting

Portland, OR recently joined the growing list of cities like San Francisco, Ottowa, and Minnesota that offer curbside compost pickup. In select neighborhoods, trash pickup will be cut back from weekly to biweekly, while compost/yard debris and recycling will continue to be picked up on a weekly basis.

Response to this new ordinance has been largely favorable in all aspects but one. When the city distributed the plastic, two-gallon pails meant to take weekly food scraps, some Portlanders had their complaints. Many were concerned about the smell and the inevitable congregation of fruit flies.

Whether your city collects compost or you personally are composting, Useful Things has you covered. We offer a stainless steel compost pail that allows you to go green without the odors or the bugs of a cheaper compost container.  The 11×7 pail fits easily under the sink, on the countertop or next to your existing garbage pail, making composting at home a breeze.

The metal compost pail is dishwasher safe in the case something really goes awry, but the built in charcoal filter system will neutralize most odors. The compost pails replacement filters are made of carbon coated nylon. They can be replaced every 4 – 6 months, or as often as needed depending on the unique stench levels of your kitchen compost.

Want more information on composting before starting your own home operation? Check out these helpful websites.

Recycle Now: Home Composting

Have your own tips on composting? Are you using a Useful Things compost pail to help the environment? Let us know in the comments.

Keep Your Herbs Worth Eating With The Prepara Herb Savor

Think back to a time you bought a bunch of fresh, green herbs to cook into your favorite dish. You chopped or snipped a quarter of the bunch into your food, and we all know what happens next. The rest of the herb bunch go back into the refrigerator where they are doomed to go bad in two or three days. It’s a waste of delicious herbs, and a waste of money.

Before you give up and succumb to lifeless dried herbs, know this. There is hope. Effective, well-designed, convenient hope: the Herb Savor by Prepara.

This herb saver comes with three primary components: the water well base, the plastic shell, and the stainless steel herb basket. To use, simply rinse the herbs in the basket, fit the basket with the herb tips facing down between the two piece plastic shell, and fit the shell into the water well base. Fill the base with water and refrigerate. Come back two days later – your herbs will still be fresh. Come back two weeks later and – yep! – your herbs are still fresh.

Still need convincing? Oprah called the Prepara herb savor the most exciting thing to happen to her in 2010. I don’t know about you, but if it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me.

Peck a Pick: Retro Toothpick Dispensing Bird

Getting animals to do things for you can be an astounding feat. Sure, Fido would play fetch with you from sun up to sun down if he could, but with a memory that doesn’t extend beyond 10 minutes and no opposable thumbs, he won’t be setting your dinner table or filing your taxes anytime soon.

That’s why this little toothpick bird gadget is so amazing. Sitting atop a round, black plastic base, this bird toothpick dispenser is just waiting to give you a hand, be it grabbing an hors d’oeuvre or scraping bits of food from your teeth. Simply push down on its little red & black toothpick bird head and watch as the bird pops back up – politely offering you a toothpick.

In addition to keeping your toothpicks handy, the toothpick bird dispenser also keeps them pristine. The bird’s squeaky-clean plastic beak is the only other thing that touches your toothpick. You’ll never again have to worry about whose grubby hands brushed against all the other toothpicks while grabbing one from a conventional container.

The overlap of quirky aesthetics, charming interactivity and reasonable pricing is our Useful Things sweet spot, and it’s safe to say that this little pick pecking fellow fits in perfectly. So won’t you take him home today? He’s no fun to throw a ball with, but when it’s time to fetch a toothpick, he’s just what the doctor ordered.