Found Item Clothing Aging New Shirts How-To

Have some new summer T’s that you feel like a dork wearing because they’re just so bright and new-looking? There’s an extensive *new* how-to on the Found Item Clothing site about aging some character into sterile new t-shirts. Each of the six methods listed on the Found Item blog, It Goes to 11, are cheap and easy to do at home meaning you won’t have to pay top dollar for a unique, vintage look. Check it out!

“The Movies” Halloween Costume Guide

Found Item Clothing has released their 4th annual Halloween Costume Guide. The FICHCG features 28 costumes, each built around a different movie character (a mix of the mainstream and the cult). Every entry comes complete with a head-to-toe checklist that can be printed at home for easy reference. Head on over and get inspired! Domestic orders placed by 11:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on Monday, October 25th are guaranteed to arrive on or before the 30th.