Manicure Kits For Everyone On Your Shopping List

Christmas is still months away, but that hasn’t stopped the first signs of this holiday from slowly appearing in stores and cropping up in conversation. I’m no statistician, but I’m willing to bet there’s a correlation between the number of those “let’s exchange gifts!” conversations and shoppers’ stress levels. But this year you don’t have to be a grim statistic, because Useful Things has got you covered. We have a wide variety of what’s arguably the most universally necessary gift since socks – manicure sets. We have travel manicure sets, manicure sets for women, men’s manicure sets – it’s all here. With such an astounding variety to choose from, it can be hard to decide which set to give to whom. I’ve created these manicure set friend profiles with that very purpose. You’re welcome!
The Minimalist

This friend has an affinity for organization and modern European furniture. For the person with a place for everything, who keeps everything in its place and makes it look chic, there’s the brushed nickel manicure set. This manicure kit has just the basics – large and small nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, scissors and precision tweezers – in a elegant, durable brushed nickel case.

The Wanderer

When you’re on the road as much as this guy, simpler manicure pedicure sets simply don’t cut it. You need something a little more day-to-day and a little less every-couple-of-weeks. Whether your wanderer travels for work or for play, he’ll appreciate the 10 piece
black leather manicure/shaving kit. This kit includes a shaving kit and pocket knife in addition to the basics.

The Esquire Man

Between debates on the merits and drawbacks of different pant-cuffing techniques, the Esquire Man (named lovingly after the popular magazine of the same name) needs to make sure he looks good. The tan leather manicure set has everything he needs to keep his body well-groomed and his accessories in place. Especially tantalizing items include the shoe horn, shirt stays, and mini eyeglass screwdriver for when his designer tortoise shell frames need some TLC.

The Make-Up Artist

Some ladies keep it light with mascara, eyeliner and maybe a gloss. The make-up artist thinks this is a sad, boring way to live. For the girl you come to with questions about whether your eye shadow should be a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ hue to best match your skin tone, we have the pink leather manicure set. With this manicure kit, your friend can apply touch ups on the go with several sizes of make up brushes.

Think Like a Dad for Quick & Easy Father’s Day Gift Buying

Is shopping for a Father’s Day gift stressing you out? Did you forget that Father’s Day is coming up and have only now started to stress? Regardless of where you are in the gift buying cycle of worry, never fear. All you have to do is think like a Dad. That’s right, think like a Dad. So, what do Dad’s like?

Dad’s like… PIZZA! But they don’t like the strain of cutting through layers of Canadian bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni and extra cheese stacked high on their Meat Lover’s pie. The appropriately titled Pizza Boss pizza cutter turns you into just that: the boss, nay, supreme overlord of whatever pizza stands in your way. Big slices, small slices, thick crust, thin crust –whatever! With the Pizza Boss in hand, your Dad can handle it.


There are two types of outdoorsy dads, the guys who are into fancy country club outside

activities, and the bro dad’s who live for throwing fishing lines and relaxin’ with a Natty. If your father is more like the former, get him the Useful Things golf divot tool. The 5-in-1-golf divot tool will make your dad look cool in front of his green-going pals.

But if the only Mulligan your dad knows is the guy down the street, get him a hand reel roaster. Stick marshmallows, hot dogs, or fresh squirrel meat on the end of the roaster and reel it out over the fire for a fun and easy campfire cooking experience.

Dad’s like… COFFEE! Being a Dad is tough. Coffee makes it easier. If your dad is on a tight schedule, the last thing he needs is to have to wait around for the coffee machine. Put him in total control of the brewing process with Mini-Minit one-cup filters. Pair these easy-to-use miniature filters with an iconic “I’m Not a Paper Cup” travel mug and your dad will thank you with months of grouchiness-free mornings.

Dad’s like… DRIVING AROUND! But your Mom may be appalled with how your father keeps his car. If he’s continuously catching flack from his wife on the dubiously hygienic state of his ride’s interior, help your Dad out with a sun visor organizer, or maybe some charcoal odor neutralizers. The sun visor organizer keeps things like glasses, cell phones, pens, paper, and chewing gum off the floor or dashboard of a car by holding them in place with a grid of rubberized elastic bands. The organizer is 13.55 x 5.25 inches, so it should fit most of Dad’s little gadgets. The charcoal odor neutralizers come wrapped in a protective bag, so they can be thrown into the car and forgotten about while the natural scent (choose from “Happy” or “Adventure”) is released, absorbing even the downright nastiest, meat-lovers pizza related odors.

Dad’s like… DRINKING! And we’ve got dad’s covered. If your dad likes beer, we have both the Luckey keychain bottle opener for beer on the go, and the wall mounted bottle opener for beer at home. For opening wine, we carry a slick-looking, sturdy chrome corkscrew. If your dad’s a somewhat indecisive man (Mojito? White Russian? Whiskey ginger?), give him a rotating bar compass and leave it up to fate. Your dad will love you for it, even if his liver doesn’t.

“The Movies” Halloween Costume Guide

Found Item Clothing has released their 4th annual Halloween Costume Guide. The FICHCG features 28 costumes, each built around a different movie character (a mix of the mainstream and the cult). Every entry comes complete with a head-to-toe checklist that can be printed at home for easy reference. Head on over and get inspired! Domestic orders placed by 11:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on Monday, October 25th are guaranteed to arrive on or before the 30th.

Creative Ideas for July 4th Celebrations

On July 4, 1776, America’s Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, thereby declaring its freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776. It did not become a legal public holiday, however, until 1941. Today, Independence Day is celebrated by millions. Common celebrations include fireworks, parades, barbeques, picnics, and fairs. If you’re looking for a new and creative way to celebrate the nation’s independence, check out the ideas below.

History Buffs
Several cities and towns around the country have Revolutionary War reenactments. What better way to learn about and experience your country’s history? If you can’t find a reenactment near you, why not host your own?

Visit a Revolutionary War State Park or historical site, such as Boston National Historical Park or Moores Creek National Battlefield. These parks and sites often host exhibits, programs, speakers, bands, and more. For more places, check this list for ideas.

If you don’t live near a Revolutionary War historical site, take an historical tour of your city instead. Find out which characters and industries played a role in its formation, and what forces have continued to shape it today.

Party Animals
Costume party, anyone? Invite your friends and family members to a 4th of July costume party. Dress up as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, or one of the founding fathers. Give prizes for costumes in different categories—Most Patriotic and Most Original, for example.

Host a Red, White, and Blue Pool Party. Ask your guests to wear patriotic colors, and decorate according to the theme, as well.

Throw a Country Western Pig Roast. Raise a flag, throw in some tunes, and boot-scoot to your favorite American songs.

Up for a Block Party? Send invitations to your neighbors for a front yard neighborhood Block Party. Each neighbor can set up a different event—a barbeque, crafts, fireworks, etc.—and everyone in the neighborhood can walk from house to house enjoying the events.

Arts and Crafters
Learn and/or teach the art of paper flag making.

Adorn the heads of your guests with liberty crowns.

Bake a red, white, and blue star-spangled cake.

Game Lovers
What could be more American than a great game of baseball or softball? Get a couple teams together and give yourself patriotic names and colors.

Looking for family fun? Try this Ring Toss game from Roots and Wings Co.

For even more family fun, set up a Flag Tag Relay.

Rained out? How about a 4th of July trivia game?

If you have a musically inclined group, try a sing-a-long to your favorite patriotic songs.

On a Serious Note
The 4th of July isn’t just about fun and games. It’s about remembering those who fought for our freedom. To commemorate the day, pay tribute to the soldiers who gave their lives so we could continue living ours as Americans, not only in the Revolutionary War, other wars as well. A few ideas on how you can do this:

Visit a local cemetery or war memorial.

Send a token of appreciation to a serviceman. There are plenty of organizations that can help you send a book or other gift.

Take the family to your local 4th of July parade. The kids will love picking up the candy and beads.

Pack the family in the car and head to the park to watch the local fireworks display. Don’t forget to pack a blanket!

Barbeques with friends and families are a fun and simple way to have fun, enjoy company, and celebrate our great nation.

Unique Celebrations Around the Country
According to Wikipedia, there are plenty of unique celebrations held throughout the states. You might find the following of interest:

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has been held in Coney Island each year since 1916. It originally started as a way to settle a dispute among four immigrants as to who was the most patriotic.

The Peachtree Road Race is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a 10 kilometer race for runners and walkers. Many people come in costume.

Useful Father’s Day Gifts for Any Dad

Struggling to find a Father’s Day gift for your dad? Look no further. UsefulThings has something for every type of man—the eco-conscious, the sportsman, the craftsman, the gamer, and more. All of our gifts are useful, unique, and affordable. Dad will definitely appreciate whatever you choose!

Eco-Conscious Dad
If your dad is on board with the green movement, here are three solar gadgets he’s sure to love.

Solar Lamp
Use in the office, on the nightstand, the garage, or even in a tent! The Solar Lamp is great for any space, no matter how compact, and provides plenty of light. A solar panel on top of the lamp keeps the lithium battery charged for hours, and a portable LED lamp bulb is used for extra energy efficiency. Choose between blue and clear. $14.95.

Solar Book Light
Read or work anywhere by using the sun’s rays to charge this Solar Book Light. Great for plane travel, camping, or even reading late at night. The Solar Book Light comes with a rechargeable battery, 2 bright LED lights, a clip, and a mini pen. $11.95.

Solar/Hand Crank Radio
Measuring only 3.25″ x 3″ x 2.25″, the Solar/Hand Crank Radio is small enough to throw in a tackle box or backpack. Wherever you take it, the Solar/Hand Crank Radio will ensure hours of entertainment. When fully charged, it will play for seven hours! $24.95.

The Sportsman
Dad a lover of the outdoors? Here’s sure to appreciate these handy tools.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Available in three sizes, these Stainless Steel Water Bottles are double-walled and made from durable metal. They are sure to stand up to any adventure in the rugged outdoors. Choose from 16.9 oz for $13.95, 20.3 oz. for $15.95, or a 23.6 oz. for $17.95.

Camping Survival Tool
Include this Camping Survival Tool in your backpack, tackle box, glove box, boat, or anywhere else, and you’ll have access to 10 survival tools. Tools include: whistle, compass, fire starter flint, LED light, thermometer, mirror, level, magnifier, and hygrometer. $12.95.

LED Compass
Never get lost while hiking, hunting, four-wheeling, etc. again. The LED Compass includes and illuminated face that’s easy to see in the dark, and it’s liquid filled, so the dial will stay upright. As a bonus, the lid has a built-in magnifying glass. $8.95.

The Craftsman
Have a dad who likes to build models, woodwork, or otherwise tinker in the shop? These gifts are perfect for him.

Little Helper with Magnifying Glass
Give dad an extra hand with the Little Helper. This handy gadget has two alligator spring clips, a magnifying glass, and six ball joints to help you with your hobby. Great for soldering, painting, electronics work, and anything else that requires extra hands, and a keen eye. $9.95.

Pocket Ref
You can look up just about anything in the Pocket Ref. This pocket sized reference guide contains information on computers, construction, first aid, weather, and everything in between. With no shortage of maps, tables, formulas, conversions, dimensions, and measurements, the Pocket Ref can help you will all kinds of things. $12.95.

The Gamer

Dad a kid at heart? These gifts are for him.

Chalk Chess
This unique chess set is made from 100% chalk! The chess pieces are skillfully handcrafted to regulation size. Use the chess pieces to draw your chessboard wherever you’re at—the back patio, the park, or even the office parking lot. $19.95.

Glow-in-the-Dark Playing Cards
No electricity? No matter. With the Glow-in-the-Dark Playing Cards, you can play your favorite card game in the dark. Perfect for the outdoors, or even a fun, romantic game with the wife. To charge the cards, simply place near a light source. The cards are 100% waterproof and come in a waterproof case. $9.95.

Cube Clock
Fashioned after the retro Rubik’s Cube, this is indeed a real working clock. Functions include clock, alarm clock, calendar, and temperature. $18.95.


For other great gifts your dad will love, check out UsefulThings’ full shop menu.