Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

How-to Get Your Laptop Battery to Last 10+ Hours
Great tips and tricks for getting more unplugged time out of your laptop battery.

“Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Over 10 Hours”
via unplggd

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree
Are live trees wasteful? Should you buy a fake tree made in China? These questions and more answered.

“Royal Tannenbaums: How to Pick the Best and Greenest Christmas Tree”
via The Daily Green

Elderberry Helps Boost Immunity
Fight winter colds, the flu, and other ailments with elderberries.

“Cold Season Immunity Booster: Elderberry”
via Stepcase Lifehack

10 Billion Promo Offers 10 Cent Android Apps
Google is currently offering 10 Android apps for $0.10 each for the next 10 days, as part of their 10 Billion app downloads promo.

“Google Drops 10 Android Apps for 10 Cents in 10 Billion Countdown”
via Electronista

Alternatives to PayPal
If you need to send money electronically, and PayPal isn’t your cup of tea, try these alternatives.

“5 Alternatives to PayPal”
via Geek Dad

Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

5 Things to Ask a Landlord Before Signing a Lease
Emergency maintenance? Pest control? Learn the 5 questions you should ask before signing a lease agreement.

“5 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before You Sign a Lease”
via Consumerist

How-to Take Great Pictures this Holiday Season
A few key elements can make the difference between photos to be framed, and photos to be trashed.

“How to Take Fabulous Photos this Holiday Season”
via My Life Scoop

Google Maps v. 6 Brings GPS Inside Buildings
With Google Maps version 6, you can now view floor plans for airports, malls, and other indoor buildings.

“Google Maps 6 Brings GPS to Airports, Malls”
via Electronista

Air Flo Controller Cools Gaming Palms
If the heat of battle makes your palms sweat, try the Air Flo Controller.

“Air Flo Controller Cools Palms”
via Coolest Gadgets

Top HDTVs for 2011
PCWorld Labs tested the best sets for features, design, and image quality.

“The Top 10 HDTVs of 2011″
via PC World

Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

13 Things NOT to Buy During the Holidays
When to buy TVs, cameras, linens, and more.

“What Not to Buy During the Holidays”
via Kiplinger

Daily Goal Setting Will Help You Be Successful
Reach your goals and dreams faster with daily goal setting.

“How the Act of Daily Goal Setting Makes You Successful”
via Stepcase Lifehack

The Best Apples for Apple Pie
Different apples impart different flavors. So, which apple should you use in your pie?

“What are the Best Apples for Apple Pie?”
via The Kitchn

Geekaphone Helps You Choose the Best Cell Phone for You
Gamer? Photo enthusiast? Geekaphone will help you choose the best cell phone for your particular needs.


Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

Easily Track Packages on Your Mobile Phone
With Slice, you can track your packages with one simple login. Plus, the push notifications can be set to alert you when a packages has shipped or been delivered.

“Slice Makes Tracking Purchases on iPhone a Breeze”
via Lifehacker

5 Apple Crafts to Make From Your Apple Harvest Surplus
These crafty ideas would make great gifts for the holidays, too.

“5 Apple Crafts to Make With Your Surplus Apple Harvest”
via Crafting a Green World

Break Your Overspending Habits
Think you’re only making small purchases here and there? You’d be surprised how they add up.

“Breaking the Overspending Habit”
via Mint

Firefox Cuts Memory Usage in Half
Firefox’s campaign, MemShrink, has cut memory consumption between 20-50%, with more to come.

“Mozilla Hatches Plan to Tackle Memory Leaks in Firefox Add-Ons”
via Ars Technica

7 Ways to Stop Your Snoring
Help you and everyone in your household get better sleep…

“7 Easy Fixes for Snoring”
via Web MD

Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

Time to Winterize Your Car! Here’s What You Should Do
Winter weather is tough on cars. Here’s what you should do before the storms hit.

“Top 10 Car Winterizing Tips”
via How Stuff Works

Get 1,000 Free Delta SkyMiles for Free
Sign up by December 31, 2011, and you’ll get 1000 free Delta SkyMiles.

“Get 1000 Delta SkyMiles for Free”
via Five Cent Nickel

7 Ways to Change Your Life in 7 Days
Get ready for a new and improved you.

“7 Ways to Change Your Life in 7 Days”
via Marc and Angel Lifehack

Kindle Fire will have Netflix
… and Pandora and Facebook.

Amazon Confirms Kindle Fire will Have Netflix”

How-to Deal with Difficult Relatives Over the Holidays
Good advice for everyone expecting guests over the holidays.

“9 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives Over the Holidays”
via The Happiness Project