Clean and Odorless Composting

Portland, OR recently joined the growing list of cities like San Francisco, Ottowa, and Minnesota that offer curbside compost pickup. In select neighborhoods, trash pickup will be cut back from weekly to biweekly, while compost/yard debris and recycling will continue to be picked up on a weekly basis.

Response to this new ordinance has been largely favorable in all aspects but one. When the city distributed the plastic, two-gallon pails meant to take weekly food scraps, some Portlanders had their complaints. Many were concerned about the smell and the inevitable congregation of fruit flies.

Whether your city collects compost or you personally are composting, Useful Things has you covered. We offer a stainless steel compost pail that allows you to go green without the odors or the bugs of a cheaper compost container.  The 11×7 pail fits easily under the sink, on the countertop or next to your existing garbage pail, making composting at home a breeze.

The metal compost pail is dishwasher safe in the case something really goes awry, but the built in charcoal filter system will neutralize most odors. The compost pails replacement filters are made of carbon coated nylon. They can be replaced every 4 – 6 months, or as often as needed depending on the unique stench levels of your kitchen compost.

Want more information on composting before starting your own home operation? Check out these helpful websites.

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Have your own tips on composting? Are you using a Useful Things compost pail to help the environment? Let us know in the comments.