Easily Create 3-D Models of Anything

Planning a home remodel or building project and want to create a visual? Curious to see what your living room would look like if you gave it a furniture facelift? Need to build a replica of Planet Earth? Google’s SketchUp allows you to do all of that, and more, in 3D.

With SketchUp, you can:

• create precise dimensions
• push and pull flat surfaces into three dimensional forms
• apply colors and textures
• see inside your model
• walk around your model
• print and build your model
• add depth and realism to you model by adding shadows and terrain
• view your model on Google Earth

For the full list of SketchUp features, go here.

Using an “intuitive” system of tools and guidance systems, SketchUp makes “it easier for you to think and communicate in 3D.” The program is easy to use, taking, on average, only a couple of hours to learn. When in doubt, consult Google’s video tutorials, help center, or live training classes. Be sure to visit their 3D warehouse for ideas and inspiration, too.

SketchUp 6 is a FREE download available for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, and Mac OS X (10.4+). SketchUp 6 Pro, which offers more functions and plug ins, including the ability to export work into CAD, costs just shy of $500. Compare that to CAD, however, and you’re saving several thousands of dollars.

Whether you want to create a model for home, work, or school, or just play around, SketchUp looks fun and simple. Get started today, and in no time, you’ll be creating 3D models—of anything!

Google SketchUp