Elegant and Educational: Our Favorite Infographics

A well-designed infographic is the perfect blend of brains and beauty. Data visualization allows us to experience facts in a way that is often more easily digested than getting the information from a magazine, or hearing it from a newscaster. Here are a few of our favorite infographics in no particular order.

1. U.S. Education Spending and Performance vs. The World by Mat@USC
This infographic may be a little tough to look at depending on where you’re from. Proof that simply pouring cash into education doesn’t necessarily improve scores.

2. Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and JESS3
This infographic is famous among social media marketing trainees because of how clearly and extensively it organizes a variety of social websites.

3. Coffee Drinks Illustrated by Lokesh Dhakar
Next time you’re in a fancy-pants coffee place, don’t fret. A quick review of this handy guide before stepping out will prevent you from ordering a Latte when what you really wanted was a Breve.

4. What People Are Doing Online featured in Business Week
Are you a creator, critic, collector, joiner, spectator, or inactive (lazy bones!)?

5. Our Favorite Drugs featured in GOOD
Are the regional preferences for illicit substances what you would expect?

6. Visualizing U.S./China Trade Relations featured on Mint.com
Trade imbalances, consumption, big money, oh my!

7. Fanboys: A Field Guide featured in PCWorld
Fanboy traits listed out by their turn-ons, heros, music preferences, and more. Where do you stand?

8. Farmville vs. Real Farms by Shane Snow for Mashable
Playing Farmville and running a real farm are different. Duh. But just how different? Well, for example, the average FarmVille player is a middle-aged woman making about $50,000 per year. An average farmer is an old man making $20,000 less per year than his strawberry harvesting digital counterpart.

9. Breakdown of Average Student Budget featured on Westwood College website
The $57 average price tag on a new textbook seems surprisingly low.

10. Height featured on xkcd
Pop Quiz! Do you know how far out in the galaxy the Edge of Federation Sector 0-0-1 is? Answer: About 1 parsec.

This is by no means an extensive list of infographics. If we’ve missed one and you’re absolutely indignant about it, don’t have a cow, man. Leave a link in the comments.

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