Free e-Books Online: 3 Great Sites

It’s summertime! If you plan on doing most of your beach reading on a Kindle or iPad, you may want to check out the following websites for free quality e-books to load up on.

Free e-Books

Cool! This site has a complex rating system for books, complete with the ability to share e-books with friends on different social media sites. Registered members can create their own personal libraries and even donate to the e-book authors if they’re feeling particularly generous.

Meh… Anyone can publish a free e-book on Free e-Books, there’s no screening system. This means there may be a decent amount of crap to sort through before you find a title you like.

Best (sounding) Titles:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Picking Up Women on Facebook by Justin Hartfield – “When it comes to hooking up with hot coeds, you just gotta know how!” Tell me more!
  • The Bossy Church Lady’s Take on the End Times by Sandra Purdue – “…everything you need to know about the end of times without paying a dime, not even a penny!”

Final Thoughts – If you’re looking for free e-books by independent authors on a variety of topics, should be the first place you look.

Many Books

Cool! This site boasts a sleek design and borrows most of its classic titles from the Gutenberg Project. Books are downloadable in many different formats, and the Help page on the site even lists download instructions and format based on what type of cell phone you’re downloading to.

Meh… Although book excerpts are shown on the download page, you can’t read the book in your browser.

Best (sounding) Titles:

  • Everything in the Banned Books genre! Revisit childhood classics like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Black Beauty, or try something more racy, like the first erotic novel – Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.

Final Thoughts: This website is one of the best places I’ve found online for downloading free e-books. It’s easy to navigate, and the titles are organized into compelling lists by genre, subject, and shared qualities so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of titles the site offers.

Online Computer Books

Cool! This one is just for the proud nerds out there. The biggest feature on this website is the “Legal Free O’Reilly Books” available for download. Computer geeks rejoice! Quit hauling your 300 page PHP Cookbook around. Your wallet – and back! – will thank you.

Meh… For a site giving away books on web design and programming, the site design is fairly old school – think Geocities. The site tools, too, are fairly limited. The formats range from PDF download to webpage outlines without any delineation.

Best (sounding) Titles –

  • Unobtrusive Ajax by Jesse Skinner
  • 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google by Philipp Lenssen

Which sites do you visit to find free downloadable e-books? Leave a comment with your favorite site.