Grid-It Visor Organizer Keeps Your Stuff Safe & Sound While You Drive Around

With the school year fast approaching, it’s important to get everything organized so you don’t have to do any on-the-fly organizing when stuff gets crazy. When finals week rolls around and you have a game-changing work project due in two days and your best friend’s birthday party is next Monday… let’s just say you’ll be happy you spent the extra time getting your room tidied up. That’s one less thing to worry about, right?

There is one place that most people neglect when it comes to keeping things in order – their cars. Even the most meticulous people seem to have trouble keeping their vehicle from getting cluttered with various personal electronics, cords, notebooks – the stuff that accumulates from busily driving around with the day-to-day assortment of stuff in your car.

Grid It Sun Visor Organizer

But there’s hope! You can optimally organize the limited space available in your car with Cocoon Innovations Grid-It Sun Visor Organizer. What sets Grid-It apart from other sun visor organizers are its grid of rubberized woven elastic bands. This innovative grid allows the sun visor organizer to be put to use in a variety of different ways, as seen in the video below.

In addition to keeping your car clutter-free, the Grid-It sun visor organizer also makes your vehicle safer. When all of your frequently reached for items in one easily accessible place, you’re not tempted to riffle through your backpack or purse while driving to look for something.

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