Hide Your Valuables Where Everyone Can See Them, But No One Can Find Them

Everyone is has something to hide, be it secrets or extra cash. How you choose to conceal your valuables is up to you. You could stuff your important articles into a sock in a drawer and hope for the best, or construct an elaborate ‘Home Alone’-style contraption that’s triggered when sticky fingers get too close for comfort to your hiding spots.

One tried and true method in the art of duping potential thieves states that the best place to hide something is out in the open. Think of diversion safes as a means by which you might safely keep a few hundred dollars in your refrigerator, or Grandma’s gold jewelry in your pantry. A diversion safe is a seemingly regular object (often made out of an actual, re-appropriated container) that screws open to reveal a hollow compartment.

Useful Things carries a wide variety of hidden safes that can be used in the home, office, dorm – virtually anywhere a can of Pringles, a container of Ajax, or a book won’t look like anything out of the ordinary.

All of the diversion safes are properly weighted to complete their disguise. The water bottle safe and can safes feel like they actually contain liquid, and the fruit cocktail safe is as heavy as the genuine article.

Now all you’ll have to worry about is making sure your roommate doesn’t try to drink your Miller High Life diversion safe