Keep the Party Rolling With These Japanese Ice Ball Molds

While bartenders across the globe are fattening trade books with new cocktails, in Japan they work with determination to perfect the classics. From the actual spirits, to the size and shape of the serving glasses, Japanese bartenders tweak each detail in an attempt to continuously improve upon what is already considered near perfection.

One such innovation is Japanese ice balls. These balls are traditionally hand cut (check out the video below) as part of the 20+ year training process for new bartenders.

The large ice balls have less surface area than chunks of regular ice cubes from the tray. This, in addition to the compactness of the ice ball, causes it to stay cooler longer. The size and shape of the ice ball slow the melt time and allow you to enjoy your drink cold and undiluted…

… Or it would if you have the cash for a traditional, gravity-powered ice ball maker (shown at work in the video below). As nifty as these things are, 55 – 80 mm ice ball makers range in price from a steep $1,085 to a perilously steep $1,649. Not cheap!

But before you hang your head and resign yourself to a life of watered-down cocktails (or take out a second mortgage to purchase a traditional ice ball maker), listen to this. You can get your hands on this amazing Japanese ice-magic here at Useful Things!

Our BP-free plastic ice ball mold delivers the Japanese ice ball experience without any of the labor or cash expenses of a machine or visit to a high end Japanese bar. These cleverly constructed ice ball molds open in two places. The tab on the top opens to allow you to fill the mold with water, and the mold itself opens in half allowing the frozen ice ball to slide out.  Simply fill with water, freeze, and – かんぱい! That’s kanpai, or ‘cheers’ in Japanese.