Our 3 Favorite Google Chrome Apps

When Google released the Google Chrome web browser in 2008, there was already a lot going on to be impressed by. It was fast and stable, with  a solid user interface and neat themes. Then in 2010, Google wow’d users again when the company released a Chrome web store where users could download web applications as extensions to the browser.

Here is a list of 5 great Google Chrome apps. Some are ones that showed up repeatedly in ‘Best Of’ lists around the net, others are personal favorites. Take a look.

Springpad – This app may be a little intense for lesser productivity geeks, but for those who crave the high of optimally organized content it’s a godsend. Organize content into notebooks, then add tasks and notes (including content you pluck from the web) to your hearts content.

Good Noows – Clean out your ‘News’ bookmarks folder and save time with Good Noows. Good Noows  allows you to select sources specific to Headlines, Politics, Business, Sports, Culture, Science, Travel, Health, Lifestyle, Environment, Satire, and Opinions. This gives you, the user, a highly personalized news feed specific to your personal preferences.

Graphicly – This app will have comic nerds Tweeting in all caps for days. It’s been coined ‘the YouTube of Comics’ by comic book news blogs and with good reason.  The social component of the application allows fans to connect with other fans and even with the artists themselves, creating a community that liberates the confined conversations of enthusiasts from local underground shops.

What are your top 3, can’t live without ‘em Google Chrome apps? Let us know in the comments!