Peck a Pick: Retro Toothpick Dispensing Bird

Getting animals to do things for you can be an astounding feat. Sure, Fido would play fetch with you from sun up to sun down if he could, but with a memory that doesn’t extend beyond 10 minutes and no opposable thumbs, he won’t be setting your dinner table or filing your taxes anytime soon.

That’s why this little toothpick bird gadget is so amazing. Sitting atop a round, black plastic base, this bird toothpick dispenser is just waiting to give you a hand, be it grabbing an hors d’oeuvre or scraping bits of food from your teeth. Simply push down on its little red & black toothpick bird head and watch as the bird pops back up – politely offering you a toothpick.

In addition to keeping your toothpicks handy, the toothpick bird dispenser also keeps them pristine. The bird’s squeaky-clean plastic beak is the only other thing that touches your toothpick. You’ll never again have to worry about whose grubby hands brushed against all the other toothpicks while grabbing one from a conventional container.

The overlap of quirky aesthetics, charming interactivity and reasonable pricing is our Useful Things sweet spot, and it’s safe to say that this little pick pecking fellow fits in perfectly. So won’t you take him home today? He’s no fun to throw a ball with, but when it’s time to fetch a toothpick, he’s just what the doctor ordered.