Pizza Boss & the 10 BEST Pizza Gifs

Can you imagine a world without pizza? I can. Just the thought of it chills me to the core. Even the idea of a world without crispy crusts (stuffed, if you’re lucky), savory-sweet tomato sauce, and ooey-gooey cheese overwhelms me with despair.

Thankfully, we live in a world where pizza is not only easy-to-find but – if you’re American – now also counts as one of your daily servings of vegetables. God bless the USA, and her love for pizza pies.

Coffee snobs have optimized the process of making the rich, delicious beverage from the time the bean is plucked to the moment it touches your lips, why shouldn’t pizza be the same way? The people at Fred & Friends think it should be. They’ve developed the Pizza Boss: a circular saw pizza cutter that ensures you’ll look like a boss while you’re divvying up the pie for all your friends or just for you – not judging.

The Pizza Boss pizza cutter is made out of tough-as-nails industrial grade plastic, meaning your pizza saw can handle the usage stress of an avid pizza eater. The circular saw Pizza Boss from Fred & Friends has a laser etched stainless steel blade that will cut through even the toughest pizzas like butter. Thin crust? A cinch! 2 toppings? No problem! 20 toppings? You should probably go see a doctor after eating it, but you won’t have any problems slicing it up. When you’re done eating all that pizza, simply remove the shield for easy clean up and sink into that sweet, sweet food coma. Mmmm.

Not hungry for pizza right now? You will be. Check out 10 of our favorite pizza gifs from Senor Gif, Pizza Gifs and Gif Soup after the cut.

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