Robotic Sweeper Eliminates Pet Hair

Are you a pet owner who is constantly waging a battle against your fuzzy friends’ hair? Do you have to vacuum or sweep once a day in order to rid your home of the white layer on your carpet, or the dust bunnies that accumulate under furniture and in the corners? Good news—iRobot has released a new version of the Roomba Automatic Vacuum Cleaner/Sweeper specifically designed to clean up after your pets. The best part? Aside from the initial set-up and programming, and the cleaning of the bins, you don’t have to lift a finger. The Roomba does all the work. It even climbs back onto its charger when it’s done cleaning.

The new Roomba 532 and 562 come with counter-rotating brushes and a high capacity sweeper bin to trap more pet hair than their original counter-part. Both models clean hard to reach areas, such as wall edges and beneath couches, and they automatically adjust between carpets and hardwood floors. The Roomba 532 can clean up to three standard sized rooms per charge, while the 562 can clean up to four standard sized rooms per charge. At $349 and $399 respectively, you can a clean floor 7 days a week with minimal effort.

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