Secret Uses For Everyday Household Items

In the Home

  • Vinegar as cleaning agentOne way to rid refrigerator drawers and food containers of unpleasant smells is to line them with newspaper.
  • One of the many uses for vinegar is removing the sticker gunk from things you buy. Let the vinegar sit for a second after applying it before wiping it (and the price tag residue) cleanly off.
  • It’s spring and ants are back: in your bathroom, on your windowsills, in your kitchen. Ants won’t walk through baby powder, so find out where the little guys are marching in from and sprinkle mercilessly.
  • Freshly cut flowers stay beautiful longer if the water they’re placed in is mixed with bleach (20 drops of Clorox to 1 quart of water used).

In the Office

  • Velcro strips can be used in the office to cheaply keep computer cords organized.
  • You’ve been promoted to the corner office, but before you can officially move in, your cubicle needs a makeover. As you’re taking down your motivational posters, fill holes caused by push-pins with white toothpaste. No one will be the wiser.
  • Is there a squeaky door at work that keeps you from concentrating? Applying a few drops of olive oil to the hinges should shut it up so you can work in peace.
  • Oops – you had a bit too much fun at a networking event and laughed so heartily at a co-workers joke that you splashed red wine down the front of your shirt. Stretch the stained portion of the shirt over a bowl or class, apply salt onto the stained area so that it’s fully covered, and then pour boiling water over it. (Just wait until you get home to take your shirt off.)

On the Go

  • Keeping clothes smelling fresh on the go doesn’t have to be a hassle. Simply stick a few drier sheets in your luggage to keep clean clothes smelling clean, even when they’re stored with dirty ones.
  • Airport security confiscated your toothpaste? In a pinch you can use a mixture of baking soda and water. Did they confiscate your deodorant, too? You can use baking soda for that, as well.
  • To package fragile items for a bumpy ride home, line your luggage with inflated Ziploc bags.
  • Ripped toilet paper pieces stuck onto the face isn’t a good look for anyone. When you cut yourself shaving, instead of just bleeding on yourself (gross) or applying toilet tissue to your face (lame), rub cuts with Chapstick.
  • Oh no! While swimming off the coast of Portugal with your super model girlfriend you were stung by a man o’ war! I hope you have your Vodka with you, James Bond, because applying it to the affected area will help neutralize the sting (though drinking it would probably help, too).

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Anything we missed? Share your secret uses for everyday objects in the comments.