Survival Strap: For the MacGyver in You

What’s cool and stylish and potentially life-saving? Sure, if it came down to it you could probably MacGyver a survival tool out of just about any article of clothing. But why waste the brain power (and precious, precious time) when you could just get yourself a Survival Strap?

Survival Straps are made by hand in America. When you strap on your SurvivalStraps survival bracelet, you can feel good about where it came from and the conditions under which it was constructed. The team at Survival Straps works in a well-lit factory right around the corner from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Those of you looking for alternatives to off-shore, factory made items of dubious origin – take note!

But SurvivalStrap doesn’t just have upstanding business ethics, their paracord survival bracelet is a superior product. Every bracelet is made from military spec 550 paracord, meaning when the s!*% hits the fan the last thing you’ll have to worry about is your Survival Strap breaking or fraying.

The straps are approximately 1″ wide with about 1.75′ cord per inch of wrist side. That means a size 7.5′ (the smaller of the two large sizes) yields about 14 feet of paracord when deployed. Here’s a quick video demonstrating how the bracelet unravels:

Because SurvivalStraps is so committed to their customers loving their product (and maybe saving a few lives along the way), they offer a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have to use your Survival Strap in an emergency, simply email the replacement form that comes with the product’s owner’s manual to the company, along with the tale of your harrowing escape from the elements, sharks, &c., and they will replace your Survival Strap for free.

Whether you’re a lifeguard, a firefighter, a soldier in the US military or just a fashion-forward survivalist – the Survival Strap is for you.