The 1 Hour Guide to Cleaning Your Entire House

Is cleaning your entire house in one hour really possible, you ask? It is. But you have to be willing to move fast and work hard. It won’t be a deep down nook and cranny cleaning, however. Save those types of cleaning for spring and fall, or when you’re preparing for special occasions.

Disclaimer: The 1 Hour Guide to Cleaning Your Entire House is for an average size home in a moderate state of untidiness.

First Steps
Gather all dirty laundry and dishes and start loads in the washer and dishwasher. Set a timer for your laundry, so you know when it’s time to switch loads.

Grab a garbage bag, and pick up all the garbage around the house. Empty all the wastebaskets at the same time.
You should have 54 minutes remaining.

Where to Start?
Start at one end of the house and move towards the other. If you’re constantly jumping from room to room, you will be less efficient, and adjoining rooms could suffer from tracking dirt in and out. For this example, let’s imagine you’re starting in the living room.

Helpful Tip: Keep all of your cleaning supplies in a bucket or other type of carrier for quick and easy transfer and management.

The Pile and Sort Method
Many people use the pile and sort method with luck. It’s especially useful in very cluttered rooms, such as children’s room.

Gather everything in the room and put it in large pile. At this point, you can either start sorting and cleaning the pile, or cleaning everything else around it. Don’t get bogged down in the pile, however, and remember to move quickly!

Since we’re starting in the living room, many of the items will probably belong in other rooms. Create two piles—one for those items that belong in the living room, and another for items that belong in other rooms. Move those items to the next room, and so on and so on, until everything is in its place.

Living Room

Time allotted: 8 minutes.

Your piles are sorted, and you’ve put everything that belongs in the living room in its rightful place. Everything else you’ve moved to the next room. What else do you need to do?

• Dust.
• Vacuum or sweep floor.


Time allotted: 10 minutes.

Sort your piles, and move the pile that doesn’t belong in the kitchen to the next room.

• Spray all the counters and appliances with all-purpose cleaner.
• Scrub the sink.
• Sweep floor.


Time allotted: 5 minutes per bedroom. This examples is based on a 3 bedroom home.

Use this general formula for all of the bedrooms in your house.

• Make the bed.
• Sort the pile.
• Dust.
• Vacuum or sweep floors.


Time allotted: 20 minutes for both.

• Squirt toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet. Let sit, as you move on to the tub and shower.
• Spray the tub and shower with cleanser. Scrub and rinse clean.
• Finish the toilet.
• Clean the mirrors.
• Clean the sink and counters.
• Sweep floor.

Other Rooms and Chores
You should have 1 minute left. If your home includes the following rooms, take 5 extra minutes per room to straighten up.

If you have other rooms in your house, such as a family room or laundry room, use one of the above rooms as a guideline.

Don’t forget to clean pet areas, including the litter box.

If you have extra time, sweep the area leading into and out of your home so dirt doesn’t get tracked in as easily.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean

• Put things away after you use them.
• Do the dishes every night after dinner. It’s always nice to wake-up to a clean sink.
• Remove your shoes upon entering your home. You’ll be amazed at how much less dirt will get tracked through the house.
•Make your bed every morning.