The Solution For Tear-Free Onion Chopping: Onion Goggles

What do you get the person who has everything… and loves to cook?

If they already have herb scissorsherb savor, and pizza cutter, there’s only one logical next step: onion goggles.

Legend has it that whenever first US President George Washington began to feel under the weather, he’d tuck in to an onion (cooked, of course). Aside from the cold-annihilating vitamin C, onions also contain vitamins B1 and B6, and aid in lowering bad cholesterol and minimize blood clots.

But for all of their nutritional benefits, making onions can be quite unpleasant, especially on sensitive eyes. Onions grow underground, like garlic, chives, and leeks. As they grow, they absorb sulfur from the dirt, resulting in tear-inducing amino acid sulfoxides.

With our onion cutting glasses, you won’t ever have to worry about stinging eyes or awkward kitchen crying again. The onion glasses frames are lined with a comfortable foam seal so that no nasty onion vapors eek through.

The onion chopping goggles come in the sleek style shown in the pictures. The onion goggle is unisex and fits most face shapes, but does not fit over glasses. Only mildly near-sighted? You’re probably okay. But if you’re blind as a bat without your specs’, please don’t take the chance. Fingers don’t secrete amino acid sulfoxides, but they hurt like heck when you cut them.

So if you’re one of those folks who can’t get near an onion without tearing up, stop chewing gum while you chop or trying to mince your onion under water. Strap on a pair of onion cutting goggles and make like an Iron Chef.

Are you the satisfied with your onion goggle purchase? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to TLC Cooking on How Stuff Works for all the helpful onion info.