Useful Stocking Stuffers

In this cash strapped economy, quit spending your money on frivolous gifts. Instead, put your hard-earned money to work by purchasing useful items that recipients will use for years to come. Below, you will find ten useful stocking stuffers perfect for the home, the office, or for travelers.

For the Home

Collapsible Silicone Funnel
Funnels are an indispensible kitchen tool, but most funnels are bulky and take up valuable kitchen space. This funnel, however, collapses to fit neatly inside even small drawers. Plus, it’s made of durable heat resistant and dishwasher safe silicone.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Two sturdy screws attach this bar-style bottle opener to the wall, so it’s always there when you need it. Perfect for game rooms, kitchens, or even the garage!

Herb Scissors
Quickly and easily snip fresh herbs directly onto your plate or atop your dish with these fancy herb scissors. The scissors feature five stainless steel blades and silicone lined handles for comfortable use.

For the Office

Classic Desk Bell
The 4″ stainless steel dome on this desk bell adds a touch of refinement to any desk.

Fifty Year Calendar
This attractive brushed metal disc allows you to look up any date from 2006-2055. It can also be used as a paperweight.

Staple Free Stapler
With no metal staple prongs to catch your finger, sweater, or important documents on, this staple free stapler is safe for all ages. It uses a combination of a punch, fold, and tuck, to bond your papers together.

For Travel

Classic Camping Tool
Who doesn’t love an all-in-one tool? This one combines six essential items– a fork, knife, spoon, bottle opener, file, and corkscrew—into a single, compact device. Perfect for backpacks, glove boxes, tool boxes, and even pockets.

Point It Traveller’s Language Kit
Don’t get stuck abroad without the ability to communicate. This handy book contains 1200 photos. Just point to the item you need, and get immediate results. No miscommunications with this kit.

Travel Lint Brush and Shoehorn
Perfect for the business traveler who needs a lint-free suit and nice dress shoes, this two-in-one tool fits easily into suitcases, briefcases, purses, and toiletry bags.

Travel Sewing Kit
Complete with six colors of thread, three needles, a needle threader, three buttons, and two button fasteners, this compact kit will save you in case of a lost button, torn blouse, or other clothing emergency.

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