Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

Make Free Calls to US and Canada With Google Voice
Gmail clients can now use Google Voice to make free calls to the US and Canada via their computer. For international calls, rates are competitive.

“Make Free Calls in Gmail with Google Voice”
via Gizmodo

Official iPhone App Brings Netflix Instant Streaming to All iOS Devices
Watch any instant movie or TV show in your Netflix queue on any iOS device. Available with 3G or Wi-Fi.

“Netflix Instant Streaming Comes to the iPhone and iPod touch, Works over 3G”
via Lifehacker

5 Hot Travel Deals for Fall
Reader’s Digest shares hot savings and travel tips for your upcoming vacations.

“5 Best Travel Coupons and Tips”
via Reader’s Digest

The Best Stress Fighting Foods
Certain foods are better at helping the body cope with stress. Find out which ones can help you stay calm.

“The Very Best Stress Fighting Foods”
via Bottom Line Secrets

The Hidden Dangers of Facebook’s “Places”
Facebook’s “Places” feature allows people to know where you are and at what time. Why might this not be a good idea? Read Unplggd’s article to find out.

“Reasons Why You Should be Careful About Facebook Places”
via Unplggd