Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

Smush It Offers Better Image Optimization, Saves Bytes, a new service by Yahoo, has released a new image optimization service that squeezes “the last bytes out of your images—without changing their look or visual quality.” They claim their service goes “beyond the limitations of Photoshop” and other image editors to save you a maximum amount of bytes.

Smush It website

EcoGlue for All Your Craft Needs
Most higher performance crafting glues, used to bond wood, plastic, glass, metal, and more, contain toxic chemicals. EcoGlue boasts less than 1% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is stamped “non-toxic.”

“EcoGlue Review”

Stock Your Pantry and Save Money
A full pantry can protect you against inflation and unnecessary trips to the grocery store. It’s a nice cushion for those uncertain economic times. The Dollar Stretcher lays down a few rules for pantry stocking that make it easy and inexpensive.

“How a Full Pantry Saves Money”

6 Tips for Stress-free Driving
Do you have a killer commute? Tired of the rush hour traffic, or the noon lunch dash? Dumb Little Man offers six tips to keep calm while behind the wheel.

“Surviving Driving: 6 Simple Things to Remember for Stress-Free Driving”

Rugged, Waterproof Action Cam Captures Sports Shots
If you’re an action sports fanatic, this is a camera you’ll want to check out. It offers hands-free digital recording, captures 30 frames per second, mounts easily to helmets, handlebars, and other equipment, is waterproof up to 10 feet, and shock-resistant in case of falls.

Check out more functions at Oregon Scientific.

Top Five Firewalls
Lifehacker asked its readers for their favorite firewalls, and they responded. The results are in. See which firewalls took the top five.

“Five Best Windows Firewalls”