Useful Things Weekly Link Round-up

Six Hobbies That Can Make You Money
Gardening, brewing, raising fish? Learn how you can make money with your hobbies.

“Six Hobbies That Can Make You Money”
via Bargaineering

Office Food–Tips for Eating Healthier and Wealthier at Work
Are your work eating habits putting a drag on your energy and your wallet?

“Office Food–Seven Tips on Eating Well for Less”
via Frugal Village

What You Should Know About 4G Networks
Most people have heard of 4G, but what is it, and how does your network rate?

“4G Networks: Where We Are At”
via My Life Scoop

ShameBeGone Will Write That Tough E-mail For You
ShameBeGone handles “end-of-relationship fall-out, missed connections, difficult RSVPs, overdue condolence notes,” and much, much more, so if you have a tough e-mail you need to send, consider their services.

“Do You Have an E-mail You Really Don’t Want to Write? Hire Someone To Write if For You!”
via Gizmodo

How- to Prepare for a Hurricane
If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, this article will help you weather the storm.

“How to Prepare for a Hurricane”
via Kiplinger