Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

How-to Get Your Laptop Battery to Last 10+ Hours
Great tips and tricks for getting more unplugged time out of your laptop battery.

“Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Over 10 Hours”
via unplggd

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree
Are live trees wasteful? Should you buy a fake tree made in China? These questions and more answered.

“Royal Tannenbaums: How to Pick the Best and Greenest Christmas Tree”
via The Daily Green

Elderberry Helps Boost Immunity
Fight winter colds, the flu, and other ailments with elderberries.

“Cold Season Immunity Booster: Elderberry”
via Stepcase Lifehack

10 Billion Promo Offers 10 Cent Android Apps
Google is currently offering 10 Android apps for $0.10 each for the next 10 days, as part of their 10 Billion app downloads promo.

“Google Drops 10 Android Apps for 10 Cents in 10 Billion Countdown”
via Electronista

Alternatives to PayPal
If you need to send money electronically, and PayPal isn’t your cup of tea, try these alternatives.

“5 Alternatives to PayPal”
via Geek Dad