Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

5 Websites to Help You Become a Better Driver
Technology can be a distraction to drivers, but it can also aid people in becoming better drivers.

“Five Free Websites with Tips on Becoming a Safer Driver”
via Make Use Of

Converting Your Garage to Green Office Space
Starting your own business? Think small, and green.

“How to Set up a Green Office in Your Garage”
via The Daily Green

New Smartphone Offers Global Advantages
The new Samsung i350 Intrepid from Sprint allows you access to international networks, so you can use it abroad.

“Go Global with Samsung i350 Intrepid from Sprint”
via Mobile Mag

A Modern Rubiks Cube to Challenge Your Brain
This innovative Rubiks Cube allows you to swipe your finger to change the placement of rows and colors.

Touchscreen Rubiks Cube
via Random Good Stuff

How-to Control Odors Naturally
Something stinking up your house? Try these five natural, non-toxic odor busters.

“5 Nontoxic and Natural Ways to Control Odor”
via Re-Nest