Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

125 Ways to Live Greener
Living green doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. These 125 tips to a more eco-friendly lifestyle prove just that.

“125 Ways to Live Greener”
via Good Housekeeping

Save Money by Eliminating Bogus Digital Charges
Sure, you’ve noticed those lists of fees and taxes on your cable, telephone, or cell phone bills. What can you do about them? You may be able to ditch them and save money…

“5 Overlooked Digital Charges to Eliminate and Save $500″
via Live Cheap

Internet Explorer Add-Ons Responsible for 70% of Browser Issues
Does your IE browser crash frequently? If so, you may want to think twice about those add-ons.

“Add-Ons Responsible for 70 Percent of IE8 Crashes”
via Ars Technica

How-to Get the Gumption to Complete a Difficult Task
Struggling to do something you really don’t want to do, but have to? These tips will help you find the courage to act.

“Six Tips for Forcing Yourself to Tackle a Dreaded Task”
via The Happiness Project

Generate Electricity With Ultra Efficient Camping Stove
Ideal for extreme campers and backpackers, this high efficiency camping stove uses excess heat to run a thermoelectric generator.

“Biolite Ultra Efficient Camping Stove Generates Electricity”
via Wired Gadget Lab