Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

How-to Opt Out of Junk Mail
Is there a junk mail equivalent to the “do not call list”? You betcha.

“How to Opt Out of Junk Mail and Credit Card Offers”
via Ultimate Money Blog

7 Places to Download Free Textbooks
Textbooks are expensive! Search these 7 sites and see if you can get one or more of your textbooks free.

“7 Best Places to Download Free Textbooks”
via Friedbeef

Save Time and Money By Organizing Your Refrigerator
Out of room? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Expired food? Find out how to organize your fridge to save you time and money.

“Organizing Your Refrigerator”
via Unclutterer

Wall Outlet with USB Plug In
Starting in October, you will be able charge your USB devices by simply plugging them into your wall socket. The U-Socket contains 2 USB slots, as well as two traditional plug ins.

“The U Socket Charges USB Devices Without an Adapter
via Lifehacker

Meego OS = Faster Operating System for Netbooks
Windows bogging down your netbook? Try Meego OS.

“Meego OS—A Faster Alternative to Windows on Your Netbook”
via Make Use Of